Tolinai Nelthar

Important Information
Race Elf-Voidlord
Gender Female
Born MA 4080

Nait Nelthar (Father)
Naritin Nelthar (Brother)
Naerion Nelthar (Brother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Blond
Height 5'4'
Weight 63 lbs
Other Information
Affiliation Neltharism
Weapons A Sword named "Apocalypse"
Home Nai-Tros

Tolinai Nelthar is of a strange race, as her father is a Voidlord and her mother is an Elf, This makes her weight inhuman compared to her height.


Tolinai is a kind person as opposed to the rest of her family, She frequently helps whenever she can.


Tolinai was Born to Nait Nelthar and Eayle Celanil in the City of Imbotol. The Capital of West Kaniros, From an Early age she was taught how to hold a sword and she learned how to wield it and strike with it properly. She quickly mastered the short sword as she was not tall enough to be able to wield a longsword but as she grew and became older she mastered the different blades at an astonishing rate as she can handle any blade properly.

At the age of 18 Tolinai became part of The Nelthar Knights, an order of warriors who protect the religion of Neltharism, as a rookie Knight Tolinai was especially gifted and even defeated the most powerful of the Knights, over the course of two years she earned the title of Knight-Captain of the Nelthar Knights.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a half-blooded Voidlord Tolinai has the ability to temporarily become ethereal making it impossible to harm her, she also lacks the ability to age also she weighs only half of what is normal for a woman her size.

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