Important Information
Threat Level 10
Origin Unknown Regions
Height 6'5
Weight 1000 lbs

The Suco is a venomous type of giant spider which inhabits the jungles of Nai-Tros. It is notorious for sucking blood from it's victims, few ever escape this spider as most have their bodies sucked dry. This spider is also known for being sentient understanding how certain objects work. Such as doors, windows and even locks.


The Suco are a large arachnid race, varying in colors depnding on it's habitat and how much it eats. In the jungles it calls home it tends to bear a brown and dark green color. but if taken from it's natural habitat it's color gradually changes. This color get's somewhat of a dark red hue after it has fed on something and if it continues to feed their bodies may eventually become completely red.

Even though these spiders are sentient all attempts at speaking with them have failed.


The Suco was recently discovered to be in posession of venom, this venom is confirmed to thin blood for easier consumption by the spider, it has a defensive use but this is still being researched


Suco live mostly in large jngles, but also in some forests. Suco is not in ned of living there and can adapt to any enviroment easily. However it has not relocated as it enjoys the company of other Suco.


Suco live mostly in the unknown regions but some have arrived in other parts of the world together with the orcs when they left their homeland. The Suco of the other regions does not grow to such large sizes however as they lack a vital component only found in ther original habitat.


Suco has few uses outside of the Unknown reginons where it is mostly used as mounts. But some people have been known to eat them in emergencies, some doctrs tre dot use it to transport blood but this proved dangerous as the Suco were in posession of venom.

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