Spiderwood, is a medium sized tree that lives mostly in the Forest of Eradis. It can survive in a variety of habitats. It grows rapidly and can reach up to 500 years.


Spiderwood bark is rather crisp in it's early years but as it ages it becomes hard as stone and more sturdy, hairs protrude from all joints on the branches, Spiderwood has no leaves on it neither does it bear any kind of fruit. In order to reproduce the tree undergoes a fascinating transformation.


When Spiderwood finally undergoes it's transformation it drags it's own roots up from the grounds and bends down it's branches in order to use it as legs, when the transformation is complete it resembles a large spider. Earning spiderwood the name it has. After the Transformation it mates with another transformed tree the same way spiders does.


Spiderwood occurs mostly in large Swamp areas, but also in jungles and many forests across the world. Spiderwood does not enjoy heat and thus always grows in dark areas or in the shadow of a larger tree.


Spiderwood grows across most of the world, under no circumstances does it grow on equator, most of the trees grow south of it but there has been sightings of the same tree north of equator, the reason for this is that either someone have transported those trees north or they have managed to travell across equator and into the north even though this is unlikely.


Because of the Dangers of this tree few people dare to even approach it however the organization of the same name frequently creates their weapons from this tree, Some speculate that this is to inspire fear in their enemies yet others believe that they use the more mature trees because of their sturdyness

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