Sealing is a magical ability which goes under the school of Conjuration, This ability is used in order to seal a banished crerature or object away from the mortal plane. Preventing it from reappearing.

Types of sealsEdit

There are 10 different kinds of seals, most can be broken and have a certain time limit before they are broken. the Seals are as follows.

1. Weak SealEdit

The Weak Seal is the weakest seal possible and has a small time limit lasting only about a week at most, the seal is also extremely easy to break as it can be broken by physical damage.

2. Basic SealEdit

The Basic seal are one of the weak seals and has a time limit of 2 weeks at most. This seal cannot be broken by physical damage however a magical attack can break it rather easily.

3. Mid SealEdit

The Mid seal are among the weak seals but it is frequently used to seal away objects for certain periods of time the mid Seal has a maximum time limit of a month. And cannot be broken by physical damage and breaking it with magical attacks can be rather hard as only the most powerful attacks can break it.

4. Tough SealEdit

The tough seal is the first seal to not be broken by magical or pysical attacks it has a set time limit of 4 Months the time limit cannot be altered by the caster and as such this seal is rarely used. In order to break this seal another ability is required: Unsealing.

5. Strong SealEdit

The Strong seal is the most used seal because of it's time limit of 1 year and how troublesome it would be to break it for most mages, extensive study of unsealing would be needed in order to break it.

6. Power SealEdit

The Power seal is among the more powerful seals, it's maximum time limit is 50 years and breaking it is something most mages never manage to do despite their study of sealing and unsealing.

7. Holy SealEdit

The Holy seal is a seal that calls upon the power of gods in order to work, it's different in the way that it's strength depends on the god's strength and it's time limit depends on how long the god will uphold it.

8. Death SealEdit

The Death seal is the 3rdmost powerful seal in existence and is used only when sealing away an object too powerful to be in the hands of a mortal, the seal is barely even possible to break by a mortal and it's maximum time limit is 800 years.

9. Unbreakable SealEdit

The Unbreakable seal is the 2ndmost powerful seal in existence it is not often used as it is impossible to break and has the time limit of 1000 years, it would be no sense in regretting it as it cannot be undone.

10. Eternal SealEdit

The absolutely most powerful seal and the least used seal the Eternal seal is impossible to break and has no time limit. It will never fade once it has been cast, mortals have yet to cast it and so far the only one to have cast it was the avatar of an Eternal.

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