Important Information
Race Eternal
Gender None
Born N/A
Family N/A
Status Eternal
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5
Weight 140 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation Eternals
Weapons None
Home Nai-Tros

Nelthro is an eternal. And the one who suggested the creation of time to the others, he is also the only one to ever have walked the surface of the planets. He took the form of a mortal hybrid.


Nelthro is a Powerful eternal, he speaks little but his words are always truth. As he claims he is beyond simple lies.


Nelthro has always been alive, even before time was created. Among the Eternals Nelthro was the strangest one. Nelthro created the concept of time and presented it to the other Eternals who agreed with him to create it. As time passed the universe was gradually evolving until the lesser beings known as Overgods created the planets and introduced the concept of mortality, Something the Eternals could not comprehend, this sparked Nelthro's interest and as the Overgods created their Demons and Angels and they again created the races, Nelthro descended to Nai-Tros and walked among the Mortals as Vita evolved her world. He stayed on Nai-Tros for a century watching as the people evolved and invented new things,


In truth Nelthro is formless as an eternal but the form he uses as a mortal is a hybrid of an Elf and a Human. His face and all characteristics except for his ears are human, his ears are a slightly extended versions of elven ears. He has long black spiky hair, red eyes and pale skin.

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