Nait Nelthar
Important Information
Race Voidlord
Gender Male
Born ATD 0

Naritin Nelthar (Son)
Tolinai Nelthar (Daughter)
Naerion Nelthar (Son)

Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height 5'6'
Weight 0
Other Information
Affiliation Vitasm
Weapons A Katana named "Ragnarok"
Home Nai-Tros

Nait Nelthar is a Void mage and the most famous leader of Vitasm, mainly because of his frequent appearances during Important events in Nai-Tros.


Nait is quite the unpredictable person; getting involved with him or his family may lead to either great glory or great destruction as well as anything in between.


Nait has been alive since before the Overgods creation in ATD 1, Nait wasn't active during the years BTD 1 to ATD 300 First in year ATD 301 he made himself known to the world. After the disappearsnce of Ultima Nelthar, the creator of Vitasm, Nait decided to take up the mantle of Vitasms High Priest as he saw the whole concept of religion intriguing Throughout the years Nait has frequently converted people to the Vitasm religion.


As a Voidlord, Nait has taken the black silhouette of a human, His version has spiky hair and wears a longcoat with a tall collar, his eyes are shaped like four armed stars.

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