Naerion Nelthar

Important Information
Race Elf-Voidlord
Gender Male
Born MA 4085

Nait Nelthar (Father)
Naritin Nelthar (Brother)
Tolinai Nelthar (Sister)

Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height 6'1'
Weight 84 lbs
Other Information
Affiliation Neltharism
Weapons None
Home Nai-Tros

Naerion Nelthar is of a strange race, as his father is a Voidlord and his mother is an Elf, This makes his weight inhuman compared to his height.


Naerion is the most manipulative, treacherous and cruel of his family and his entire race of half-Voidlords.


Naerion was Born to Nait Nelthar and Eayle Celanil in the City of Raison. From an Early age he found magic the most fascinating area of study. It didn't take long for Naerion to Master the schools. With his blood being from both Voidlord and Elven origin he posessed a natural affinity for magic, And was quick to step into the realms of higher magics, such as Void Magic.

Naerion was not interested in religion like his father was, and at the age of 100 he left Kaniros for the unknown regions, here he gathered warriors and adventurers of every ilk. And it soon became an army. Naerion used this army to conquer and he forged an empire of his own, The Nelthar Empire. WHic has already taken half of the super continent, Unknown Regions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a half-blooded Voidlord Naerion has the ability to temporarily become ethereal making it impossible to harm him, He also lacks the ability to age also he weighs only half of what is normal for a man his size.

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