Dwarves are a race of small but strong people, mortal enemies of Orcs and not the best friends with Elves either. Dwarves are the greatest blacksmiths on Nai-Tros, the Dwarves hold the secret to utilize the strongest metal on the face of Nai-Tros, adamantinium.


Dwarves originally hailed fromt heir undeground palace, Ridthos. To the dwarves this was an endless world of riches waiting only to be found, to outsiders on the other hand this was an impenetrable fortress housing the king of the Dwarves. The surface above Ridthos is among the most mountainous regions and traveling in these mountains is certain death for many. Ridthos is placed on the westernmost part of Kaniros giving it quite the coastline. People wishing to trade with dwarves tend to use ships to get there instead of attempting to travel through the mountainous regions. The dwarves have large trading posts around the worlds and usually these are the only places where you can get a hold of Adamantinium gear.


Dwarves are among the smallest races on Nai-Tros and Mortios, they are born with skin skin colors ranging from pale skin to dark brown. Dwarves rarely grow beyond 5 feet tall but even tough they are small they are one of the strongest races in Kaniros boasting massive amounts of stamina and testosterone making muscle growth a small task for a dwarf, even females. Dwarves also have an Immunity to radon which is found in many of the underground tunnels due to the stone they use in their Structures.


The First dwarves were created by the god of Dwarves known as "Scopulus". Scopulus made the Hall of great kings in the heart of Ridthos out of pure Adamantium, and in that very hall the first dwarves were given life. The Dwarves started digging and quickly through the course of 100 years the Dwarves had already created a great undeground empire. They knew what was beneat them but above their empire on the surface no dwarf had tread, Until the year MA 300 when a group of adventurous dwarves found their way through the mountain range and into the other lands of Kaniros, They forged a strong alliance with the humans of Kethros. As well as a major trade route, Dwarven weapons and armor for Food and especailly mead, now a major part of every dwarfs Diet.


The Dwarves have 2 religions which they follow. The Kaniros Pantheon are followed by most dwarves that travel to the surface while the god Scopulus is worshipped by most dwarves underground.

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